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Recently at Videofruit, we had a fun internal exercise of building an app in single workday. That app ended up being an Email Service Provider picker where you answer a series of questions and we recommend an email service provider to meet your needs. In this post, we’ll breakdown a simplified version of that app focusing in on how we built a routing mechanism that is simple but effective and uses no external dependencies.

How To Self-Reference

I work on a lot of little side projects. Many of them are short-lived and small scale. I start them to learn a new technology, to learn a new concept, try an idea, or just to see if I can actually build something cool. I should also mention that my memory is terrible. I “remember” things by figuring them out again. Rote memorization is basically non-existent to me. I’ve recently come up with a new best practice for my side projects which has saved my butt several times now.

Git References

April 6, 2016


Everyone knows how to checkout a branch, git checkout master, or how to look at a specific commit, git show a1c8b6d. But few know that branches, tags, and commit SHAs are typically interchangeable in these and many other git commands. Plus there is a whole set of modifiers to reference commits near to specific commits. In this post, we’ll explore all these techniques to become expert git referencers. References Below we will explore the different ways we can express a commit in git.

Containers Kubernetes Docker

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting my hands dirty with containers, Docker, and Kubernetes in an effort to get some hands on experience working toward microservices. I’ve been building up a small application to generate and serve Sudoku puzzles. My original goal was to see how many puzzles with unique solution I could actually find, but that’s another post entirely. There are already many great tutorials about Docker and Kubernetes on Google Container Engine, so I won’t go into getting started details here.

New blog; New identity

February 4, 2016


You may have noticed a few changes around here. First, a new domain name: I am moving away from ChrisMar035 in favor os something, as I said on Twitter, that “better show my love of programming and blocking vulcanized rubber disks with my body.” Also, my last name is not Mar. Along with Twitter, I’ll be moving other usernames to codegoalie shortly. I already snagged Either way, if you see codegoalie or chrismar035 anywhere, it’s probably me.


Here’s a quick trick I’ve been using for a while, but have found that not many others know about it. It’s a way to grab the arguments from the last command you executed. Command line expansion allows you to do many things, but today we’ll focus on just argument expansion. First to simply repeat the last command with !!. This is most helpful when needing to prefix a command; with something like sudo or bundle exec.

git Self-Reference

When working on projects with multiple developers following a feature branching workflow, you can end up with a lot of branch laying around. I’ve been trying to optimize my branch cleanup workflow for a while now and had a big breakthrough recently. UPDATE: I now use a shell script which has the meat of the git-sweep functionality. Thanks to @pengwynn for letting me steal that. Before we get to that, I must mention git-sweep.


Recently I’ve been dabling in Go. I was lured in by the lore of a purposefully simple language with amazing concurrency features. While that is true, I have to admit that I stayed around for the documentation. has a this great Tour which walks you through the basics of the language through interactive examples and exercises. Secondly, the godoc command has a --server flag which spins up essentially a local copy of golang.


As a web application developer working in a company full of mobile app developers with a mobile focus and as a full time Android user, there’s a natural gravity in my universe toward mobile apps and the power of the app plus server backend paradigm. Naturally, I wanted to build my own app and really see what it is like on the other side of the API. {% img left /images/android_first/car_icon.


As I’ve been working in git and crafting my commits with rebase working toward creating pull requests which are easy to read, review, and comment, I’ve been noticing myself fall into habits of naming commit messages similarly which contain code to acheive similar ends. Further, when I struggle to find the correct words for a commit message, it’s often easier to being with a familiar word to get things flowing.


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